Commitment, effort and future

Guarantee and quality

Certiplant produces and commercialises certified rootstocks and seedlings.

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Guaranteed origin

Guarantee and traceability

Certiplant standards are based on certification and traceability of vegetal material. Always in accordance with current legislation on agricultural obtainments and multi-plantation.

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Our roots

Continuous improvement

Our main goal is to satisfy our customer’s needs and improve their expectations.

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Always looking for optimal originals.

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Inicio | Certiplant

Our species

We produce different fruit tree species of high consumption in Europe, stone fruit as well as pome fruits. We also produce different varieties of peach, almond, apple and pear.

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Our plants

Our great commitment to the customer allows us to offer the best rootstocks, buds and seedlings, which are always ready to offer maximum efficiency. In our catalogue you will find bare-rooted plants or potted plants.

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Non-vegetal material

In our commercial catalogue you will find complementary accessories for planting, as well as tools for fruit collecting and handling.

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Our activity

At present, Certiplant manages 80 hectares among plant nurseries, mother plantations, buds plantations and experimentation plots where we also asses new genotypes.

Besides production, we are directly involved in genetic improvement plans, while cooperating with plant breeders and national and international research centres.


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